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From computer network passcodes to access keys to certain rooms, we can design a system that fits your high-security environment, or community facility where everyone is welcome to your tech. One of the biggest trends today is hiding technology.

3 Questions to Ask When Renovating Your Facility

Both businesses and homeowners love to install invisible speakers and conceal their TVs in AV furniture or behind walls. So a good question to ask yourself is how the technology will look, and function, in the space.

If you leave the design to a construction company, chances are a lot of details will be left out or wrong altogether. You need a team with experience and knowledge to determine where the system or device should be located and how it will connect to all of the other components. Do you have enough network connection points?

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Is that area well ventilated for optimum performance? All of these questions are essential to ask before you begin any new construction or renovation. We can create detailed designs for you so that you and your partners know exactly where every piece of technology will be. Would you like to learn more about our technology consulting services?

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5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

View all posts by: Mike G. How much access to technology will everyone have? How will the technology affect the architecture and layout of your spaces?

What To Consider When Signing A Building Contract

February 7, Mike G. This is just not smart. Trust me when I tell you that a building permit is your protection.

Top Tips to Ask Your Plumber Before Starting Any Home Renovations

A municipal building inspector will check that the work is above board and a record goes on file with the municipality that the renovation has passed inspection. It provides you with peace of mind and is important for insurance purposes and if you ever decide to sell your home. Be realistic about what you can afford and always budget for those unexpected surprises that may pop up along the way. I recommend budgeting about 20 percent to cover these unexpected surprises. If your dream floors are out of your price range, then hold off on your renovation until you can afford them.

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You always start from the outside-in. But these finishes are pointless if you have foundation issues or if you have a leaky roof. Always protect the building envelope first and then you can focus on those fancy finishes. Before you hand over that final payment, do a thorough walk through your renovation site and take note of anything that remains incomplete or that will cause you concern.

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Are there any paint touch-ups needed? Are all fixtures caulked and sealed properly? Are faucets working as they should? Are appliances working properly?

Going through this checklist with your contractor now will ensure that all your questions and concerns are addressed before your contractor deems the renovation complete. My best advice is to move out.

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  • So if you can, do yourself and your family a favour and live elsewhere until the project is complete. Reveals the Secret to Surviving a Home Reno.

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    How Do I Budget for a Renovation?