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A small Catholic church. - Saint Ansgar's Cathedral

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Selected filters. On the left side of the central nave is the statue of the Guardian Angel by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, while the side aisles contain 8 chapels with stuccoes and frescoes and in the left aisle stands the funeral monument with the bust of the mathematician Nicola Fergola. Also in the transept there are valuable chapels including one dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul with important reliquaries.

Finally, in the convent of the church there are two cloisters : the small presents columns that belonged to the early Christian church, while the large cloister now houses the Notary Archive of Naples. Address: Piazza San Gaetano, 76 - Naples The history of the Basilica has been rich in important events, among which stand out the meeting between Boccaccio and the beloved Fiammetta, the stay of Petrarch in the and the assault on the tower used as an artillery outpost by Masaniello against the Spaniards. On the facade you can admire the crests of the seats of Naples , which represented a sort of parliaments of the various districts of the city.

Inside there is a single nave with 16 side chapels where the gothic style dominates with white and pink marble elements that are owned by important families. In fact, it is in French Gothic with very high pillars on which there are arches behind which there is a corridor ambulatory with nine chapels.

A separate mention deserve them archaeological excavations under the convent which, thanks to their stratification, allow us to know a part of the Greco-Roman history of the city. In fact, they have structures dating from the fourth century BC to the first century AD and have brought to light the ancient macellum, that is the market with the commercial shops. The entrance to the church is free, you pay the entrance to the excavations.

First Church Of Otago

Address: Piazza San Gaetano, - Naples We continue the tour arriving at Duomo, which is located on the homonymous street that crosses Via dei Tribunali. It is the cathedral of the city, one Monumental Basilica that incorporates two other churches that arose separately from it. This is the Basilica of Santa Restituta, which in turn has arisen on the ruins of the Temple of Apollo which contains the the oldest early Christian baptistery in the West , and the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro which houses the relics and blood of the patron.

The famous takes place three times a year miracle of the dissolution of the blood of San Gennaro, but its importance is also artistic because the structure is the layering of different styles ranging from the Gothic of the ' to the neo-Gothic of the What you notice immediately is his 50 meters high Gothic facade with three portals that over the centuries has undergone various changes.

The original fourteenth century is now lost and has been rebuilt several times, definitely only at the end of The interior is divided into three naves and it is important to note in the presence of ancient Roman columns which incorporate the stems on which the arches rest.

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The beautiful coffered ceiling of the central nave is carved and gilded and all the walls are there dozens of paintings, including those by Luca Giordano. From a door in the left aisle you access the Basilica of Santa Restituta with the baptistery of San Giovanni in Fonte enriched with turquoise blue and green mosaics with parts in gold.

Here there are also archaeological excavations with rare remains of the Greek era belonging to the Temple of Apollo, a section of a Roman aqueduct and parts of early Christian floors. In the Cathedral there is the Royal Chapel of the Treasury with masterful examples of Baroque Emilian painting and keeps the ampoules with the blood of San Gennaro. Address: Via Duomo, - Naples The two churches were hoped for in the period to ensure that the gothic structures of the apse hidden from the new structure were brought back into view.

Old Donnaregina welcomes the visitor with the eighteenth-century cloister "dei Marmi" which leads to the only aisle that arrives at the apse with the choir of the nuns spread over the lowered ceiling. This area presents a majolica tiled floor an expression of the Angevin ceramics and frescoes of both the Angevins and the House of Hungary, of which Queen Maria is a part who wanted the construction of the convent.

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  • The sovereign is honored by the magnificent sepulchral monument realized by Tino di Camaino. The element that makes the visit unique is the cycle of fourteenth-century frescoes which is in a hall on the right side and which is of unknown attribution. All Church of Donnaregina Nuova instead, it is accessed via one marble and piperno staircase and the interior has a single nave with 6 chapels with baroque marbles. The vault is a typical example of Barocco Neapolitan and contains large cycles of seventeenth-century frescoes. There are two major works of art great paintings by Luca Giordano on the sides of the altar, on the "Marriage of Cana" and the "Multiplication of loaves and fish", but also the paintings of the Neapolitan school that are found in the sacristy and in the comunichino.

    Finally, the two fantastic choirs, which are accessed via stairs, conserve frescoes by Solimena and Luca Giordano. Address: Largo Donnaregina, 1 - Naples Returning to via Duomo and taking via Settembrini up to via Carbonara you reach the church of San Giovanni a Carbonara , one of the most important Renaissance structures in Naples thanks to the impressive sixteenth-century sculptures and paintings of the same period.

    Its construction dates back to the , but the most important expansion is due to King Ladislaus , to which the great funeral monument and the adjacent park. It was also an important cultural meeting place in the Renaissance and men like Pontano and Sannazaro confronted each other. Thanks to the intervention of the Caracciolo family who embellished it with apse chapels, the monumental cloister, while i damage from the Second World Wars eliminated some nineteenth-century additions.

    It is accessed via the monumental staircase in piperno of Sanfelice and from the facade you can see how the church is the overlapping of multiple structures : S. Giovanni, the sixteenth century Seripando chapel and the Consolazione church in Carbonara, all structures with separate entrances. Once inside it is immediately captured by the huge funeral monument dedicated to King Laidslao , in Gothic style and one of the largest of the ' in the south.

    It dominates the environment and represents, in the 4 levels, the lying King, the Horse King and Ladislao and his sister Giovanna enthroned. Other noteworthy elements are the Caracciolo del Sole Chapel with the renaissance-style family tombs with the beautiful majolica floor and the Caracciolo di Vico chapel, one of the earliest examples of the Roman Renaissance. Behind the Church, finally, there are c onvento and the cloisters of Ladislao, Porteria and Nuovo , which today have different uses from those conventual. Address: via Emanuele de Feo, 60 - Naples.

    What distinguishes it at the first impact is the large arch with the clock built in the fifteenth century that connects it to a nearby building. It was built in and is the oldest of the Angevin period in the city. During the 16th century, the Educated Female to educate the girls for nursing service and, during the same period, the first renovations were made. Various works were repeated until the first half of the and they modified the Gothic architecture. After the damage of a heavy bombardment of the there was one restoration that brought to light the original Gothic lines.

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    A legend is linked to the bow with a clock on the two figures inserted under its frame: Irene Malabri and Antonio Caracciolo. It is said that the nobleman, in love with the woman who did not reciprocate him, he unjustly condemned his father asking, in exchange for his release, the girl's hand. To obtain justice, the family of Irene church to King Ferdinand II of Aragon to condemn the Caracciolo to death, after having had it forced to marry with the girl to provide her with the dowry.