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A takeaway: disabled people want to write and act their own stories, instead of having stories involving disability created primarily by the nondisabled. ALA ran four panels for librarians, covering body diversity in comics, reluctant readers, working with comic shops, and holding a library comic con. As for the industry, millions of dollars have transformed into billions as if by Harry Potter wizardry.

The Stranger. ISBN A dispassionate fellow driven mostly by sensations and detached curiosity, he savors sex with the charming Marie as well as the sights, sounds, and smells of his city, Algiers. Himself born in Algiers, Ferrandez The Guest excels with the pale vistas and brilliant light of Algeria, almost a character in the story.

For many pages, the narrative panels float on larger watercolor landscapes or cityscapes that seem to shimmer. No commentary is provided, leaving readers to interpret events for themselves. Higashimura, Akiko. Princess Jellyfish. Tsukimi adores jellyfish, while her housemates obsess over Ichimatsu dolls, trains, or Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Then two half brothers from the family fall for Tsukimi: the elder Shu, a rising star in politics yet a year-old virgin, and the younger Kuranosuke, an eccentric with an unconventional wardrobe. Can loves and lodgings get sorted out? There is also an anime and a live-action film.

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Note amusing, nonsexual gender switches. Jacobson, Abbi. Carry This Book. What would Martha Stewart carry with her? Sigmund Freud? Homer Simpson?

Ben Franklin? Barbie totes a key ring jingling with 11 keys: secret agent motorcycle, sparkle style salon, and more. Santa sports a jeweled watch showing six time zones and packs baggies for all the cookies left out for him. VERDICT As an exercise in creativity or as a way of understanding history, this would make good inspiration for workshops for middle schoolers through adults.


Fans of Roz Chast and Kate Beaton will breeze through it with great enjoyment. Jones, Sabrina.


Soft Skull. Includes some sexual depictions. Doctor Who. The Eighth Doctor. Only the first and last exploits of the Eighth Doctor have ever been filmed, but his adventures in between have been chronicled in a long series of novels, audio dramas, and comics. He makes sure to do one good deed a day, and some of those deeds involve using his superstrength and a miraculous ability to find lost items.

After watching the Superman film Man of Steel , Millar, concerned by the continued darkening of superhero stories—a trend he had perpetuated in books such as Kick-Ass , The Ultimates , and Civil War— laudably decided to create an antithesis here. Unfortunately, the story eventually veers into more familiar territory for Millar, and gets tarted up with one particularly gratuitous trashy-looking female character. The artwork, likewise, progresses from quite nice to moments of inconsistency and inelegance. Though marked as Volume 1, no continuation has been forthcoming. Oh Joy Sex Toy.

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Limerence: Oni. Rated: M. Married couple Moen and Nolan are enthusiastic sex geeks, and they want to make the horizontal mambo fun and safe for everybody. Vibrators, penis-pleasers, contraception, erotic techniques, lifestyle choices such as polyamory, performance sex e. The illustrative, cheeky naked figures throughout embody a wide variety of physical types, ethnicities, disabilities, and sexual preferences.

A special end section features guest strips from other web cartoonists. VERDICT Promoting sex education broadly for joy and intimacy rather than a particular sexual orientation or activity, this collection makes valuable but possibly scary information much easier to think about and discuss with others. In a spit-in-the-eye against superhero archetypes, this quirky tale introduces a hit man who never hits his targets—who are superheroes.

In fact, Duke is a not-so-lovable loser all around, even if we sympathize with him because a superhero ruined his childhood. His ex-wife and rival assassin drawn with unglamorous, sturdy malevolence steals his hits and runs off with another man, who fathered the kid Duke thinks is his. In fact, nobody is quite what they seem in this snarky saga, which provides nonstop, entertaining plot twists.

Schulz, Charles M. The Complete Peanuts: Comics and Stories to Truong, Marcelino. Such a Lovely Little War: Saigon — Arsenal Pulp. Truong Give Peace a Chance experienced part of the Vietnam War as a child, living in Saigon with his Vietnamese diplomat father and patrician French mother. Moreover, their mother has undiagnosed bipolar disorder.

  • Racing Outside the Line: A Love Story at 190 mph (Love Stories at 190 mph).
  • "A Primer on Learning Styles: Reaching Every Student" by M.H. Sam Jacobson.
  • Book review of Jacobson, T.E. and Mackey, T.P (eds). 2015. Metaliteracy in practice. London: Facet..

The art style is attractive, rather blocky simplified realism in two colors, with occasional full-color panoramas. VERDICT Revealing the past fruits of a mishandled American collaboration, the story highlights the complexity of international policies on both personal and political levels. A solid choice for adults and teens interested in history and politics, especially relating to Southeast Asia. You did not sign in correctly or your account is temporarily disabled.

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