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You're half-fish and he isn't. Living in the ocean while your man insists on dwelling on land is the ultimate LDR. Do you really want to mess with that, Ariel? He thought you were a man, but you're really a woman. This raises all sorts of questions, especially when he gets upset even though you saved him from an avalanche. I feel like Mulan should've gotten a pass for the whole "pretending to be a man" thing since she saved Li Shang's life.

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He lives in a bell tower. Listen, a lot of people live with their parents. Not a lot of people live in a bell tower.

The Trouble With Declaring Leia A Disney Princess – Deadline

Staying the night there can't be pleasant, and you're probably going to lose anything you bring over and don't tie down when it's windy. I get that the Hunchback of Notre Dame had it kind of hard, but that doesn't change the fact that he was also squatting in a giant, open-air noisemaker.

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He controlled what part of the house you could go in and also wouldn't let you leave because he didn't trust you. I don't keep a bunch of weird sex dolls and boxes full of letters from my exes in that room. I swear, it's just my room where I keep a magical rose that counts down the years until I am trapped as a beast forever.

You believe me, don't you, babe?

The Princess Paradox: Problematic Disney princesses (or maybe not)

He didn't recognize you even after you saved him from drowning in a shipwreck. Yeah, he might be coming back from the brink of death, but that's no reason he should mistake a fiery redhead for a goth chick. If he's willing to shack up with the first person who sounds like she can sing, he might not be worth going after. And he definitely isn't worth doing a bunch of magic junk and basically forsaking ever visiting your family, Ariel. Easy and intuitive to use. New features frequently added. Just what you need.

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    Return to Book Page. The Problematic Princess by Abigail Webster. Princess Dulcie is beyond irritated when she is summoned by her father, King Betarn, and informed that he has wed her by decree to Leader Canton! She immediately refuses to greet the big man as her husband, treating him with all the rudeness and contempt she was famous for exhibiting to one and all. Leader Canton was not like the men of her father's kingdom, and his answer Princess Dulcie is beyond irritated when she is summoned by her father, King Betarn, and informed that he has wed her by decree to Leader Canton!

    Leader Canton was not like the men of her father's kingdom, and his answer to her childish behavior was to turn her over his knee and give her a sound spanking in front of everyone gathered in the large hall. Dulcie is humiliated when no one, especially her own father, comes to her aid. In fact, her kingly parent tells anyone who gives her aid that they will be severely whipped and banished forever from his lands!

    Dulcie is forced to greet Leader Canton as her husband before he leads her from the hall and to the bedchamber they will share for the night. While she is plotting Canton's death, he is looking forward to the taming of his bride. Quickly, this princess realizes that her new husband has a firm hand… and that his planet has strict rules.

    Are Disney Princesses Hurting Your Daughter's Self-Esteem?

    How can a princess like Dulcie ever be so important in a land where she just doesn't fit in? Will she be able to earn his respect and rise to be the princess she is expected to be? Or will she merely be looked upon as a problematic brat, one who needs discipline? Get A Copy.